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4 common conservatory issues you must avoid

There are numerous reasons why you should consider adding a conservatory to your property - it increases usable living space, provides greater flexibility and can noticeably boost the value of your home. In fact, a study by Towergate Insurance suggested…

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Windows, glass and glazing

A brief history of windows, glass and glazing

Along with letting in light and allowing for ventilation, windows also provide our homes with aesthetic appeal, help control sound and can increase energy efficiency. But they haven't always been such a polished product... In the early days of their…

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Window and door glazing

What are the different types of glazing?

So, you want to upgrade your windows or doors for better insulation, enhanced security, and a nicer aesthetic? Wise choice. But have you thought about the type of glazing you’ll choose? Before you limit yourself to single, double, or triple…

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