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Window Installations Shouldn't Be A DIY Job

Reasons why window installations shouldn’t be a DIY job

With much of the population now stuck at home, several people will look to occupy their time with DIY projects. In fact, the upcoming Easter weekend is one of the most popular times of the year to carry out home improvements such as new window installations.

Even so, DIY enthusiasts up and down the country should exercise caution before climbing ladders or using power tools, especially given the tremendous strain the NHS will come under over the following months.

This time last year, it was revealed that there were almost 4,800 admissions to hospital wards for injuries from drills and other power tools in just 12 months. The NHS dealt with a further 6,372 cases of people ending up in hospital after tumbling from a ladder.

But safety isn’t the only reason why window installations shouldn’t be a DIY job…

  • It could reduce your home’s energy efficiency

Despite the fact modern windows feature energy efficient materials and are manufactured to the highest of standards, they still need to be installed correctly. The most important thing here is to ensure they fit tightly in the frame.

If not, the windows won’t be weather-tight and will therefore result in a draughty home. Repairing this issue retrospectively is possible, but it will come at significant expense and be far more costly than having a professional perform the job in the first place.

  • It could cause damage to your home

Any DIY job comes with the risk of damaging your home, especially window installations, which are more complicated and complex than most tasks. This not only increases the chances that you’ll make a mistake, it could also lead to damage that can’t be fixed or repaired easily.

In the unlikely event that a professional window installer damages your home, they will be able to either rectify the problem themselves or cover the cost of subsequent repairs through their insurance.

  • It could take longer than anticipated

Although a lot depends on the size and scope of each particular job, trained professionals can generally complete individual window installations in around two hours. This speed and efficiency only comes from years of hands-on experience and significant expertise.

Even the most accomplished DIYer would struggle to compete with this timeframe given their lack of training, skills and familiarity with window installations. Chances are it will drag on to the point where hiring a professional would have been much more economical.

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