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Window Dressing

Window Dressing for Spring and Early Summer

Have you ever walked past a shopfront in Spring and noticed how vibrant, refreshing and inviting a good display can look?

Spring is the time to brush away the gloom of winter and celebrate all the season’s new growth and colour. As we move into summer, you can build on the outdoor theme with even more colourful blooms and designs.

Whether you are dressing a window in a shop, business, or home, this guide will give you some ideas on freshening up your look for Spring and Summer.

Choosing Flowers for your Window

Flowers are the obvious choice for brightening up any window display. You can choose artificial flowers that will not need replacing, such as silk. You will find some very realistic options that will add instant colour.

For a more natural look, go for the real thing. Why not choose seasonal offerings such as daffodils or tulips in vases.

You can create a cottage core look by using a mixture of jugs. Whatever containers you choose, arrange them in odd numbers for the most artistic finish.

For a longer lasting natural display, you can choose potted versions of daffodils or hyacinths that will look good for longer than cut versions.

As the season progresses, choose delphiniums for their striking appearance or lilac for an enticing scent. The country look will suit cow parsley, and once they are ready, you can’t beat a vase of peonies.

Remember to keep the containers topped up with water, especially if the sun hits the glass and creates a hot zone.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers come in natural and artificial colours that can be used creatively to stand out on a window display. They can be displayed in vases, jugs or baskets. Try using oasis as a base for a homemade arrangement.

You can also find instructions online to make a wreath or garland out of dried flowers to create a long-lasting addition to a window display.

Adding Material to a Window Display

You can accessorise a window display very effectively with lace, ribbons, and tulle materials. Tie them in bows to add interest and texture. You can also use the material to tie back curtains or line a boring windowsill.

Choose colours that are bright and cheerful and complement your theme. Alternatively, use creams alongside greens for a classy natural appearance.


Fairy lights are not just for Christmas. They can be woven among your window display or strung around your window frame to add some light to a dark aspect.

To enhance a garden theme, you can choose themed lights such as bees or dragonflies. If you haven’t got access to a plug, you can buy battery operated lights instead. Some come with a timer to ensure they get switched off at night.

Window Boxes

There is no need to stick with indoor window dressing if you have the opportunity to add some window boxes under your window. Choose a neutral colour or design that complements your window frames or shopfront.

Now you can get creative. Choose a mix of seasonal planting to ensure you have new bursts of colour as the season progresses. It’s a good idea to have a blend of foliage and blooms to create a full luxurious display.

If your shopfront windows need a revamp, get in touch with Colne Valley Windows today for a chat about your options.