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Should I choose a glazed or tiled roof for a conservatory?

Conservatory buying habits have changed over the last four decades. There is undoubtedly more consideration now towards energy efficiency and aesthetics than in the 80s and 90s.

Many homeowners will see the benefits of adding a conservatory to create extra space and help to bring the outside in.

When the government changed planning regulations in 2010 to allow people to put a tiled roof on a conservatory without requiring planning permission, it opened up a debate about the benefits of a glass or tiled roof for a conservatory.

In this guide, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a glazed or tiled roof for a conservatory.

What is a conservatory?

A conservatory is a convenient way to transform your home and add extra space. Traditionally, they have a glazed roof to allow maximum light into the room.

Conservatories were first introduced in Victorian times when the Industrial Revolution meant that technology was accessible to create lightweight frames to support glass. They were more available to homeowners than traditional brick-built orangeries.

During the 80s and 90s, conservatories became increasingly popular with households wanting more space and a garden view.

The introduction of new regulations in 2010 encouraged many households to replace glazed roofs with tiles. If you want to build a new conservatory, you should carefully consider which type of roof will suit your needs.

Why choose a glass roof for a conservatory?

There are several benefits of opting for a glass roof.

  • Appearance: Glass roofs look classy and let in more light. The unrestricted views across your garden and the sky can make your conservatory feel bigger and brighter.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern double glazing is energy efficient and will not allow too much heat to escape. It allows the sun’s rays to act as a heat source, which can be beneficial on sunny winter days. You will need less artificial heating as you will get maximum natural light.

Why choose a tiled roof for a conservatory?

Tiled roofs have several significant benefits.

  • Temperature Control: A tiled roof allows you to maximise the use of a conservatory all year round. The extra insulation in the roof space will mean you can control the temperature in the room and maximise efficiency and comfort.
  • Noise reduction: Insulation will help to reduce unwanted noise interruptions and keep the space quiet and peaceful.
  • Style: You can choose tiles in a style and colour that match your house roof or contrast to create your preferred aesthetic.
  • Low Maintenance: You will have less cleaning and maintenance to do with a tiled roof and no awkward glass panels to clean.

Whether you opt for a glass or tiled roof on a conservatory depends on your preference. A glass roof may be best avoided on a south-facing conservatory where overheating in summer can be more of a problem, while a tiled roof may be better if you need your room to be useable daily. A glass roof may be more desirable if your primary concern is letting in light.

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