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Top Tips for Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Home’s Kerb Appeal

First impressions count, so whether you want to make your home look better for yourselves or whether you need to maximise the appeal for potential buyers, you must create kerb appeal.

The good news is that kerb appeal can help you sell your home and even add value.

Here are our top tips for improving your home’s kerb appeal.

Simple Ideas for Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

1.     Clean Up Your Act

Dirty windows, dirty sills and a dirty driveway will immediately create a poor impression. It is relatively cheap to ensure you present a clean front by washing your windows with simple detergent and a clean cloth. Use a squeegee to remove excess water after wiping them down for the best results and a glossy, streak-free shine.

For more tips on how to clean your windows, check out our handy guide.

Don’t forget your windowsills and front door to ensure visitors are greeted with a sleek, shiny entrance.

You can use a power washer to bring your driveway and paths up to scratch and instantly make them look new. Take some time to remove weeds and present a clean and tidy appearance to everyone walking by.

2.     Replace old Windows.

Old wood frames that are chipped and rotting will need more than a cleaning. Older uPVC windows will also need updating if you want to show your home at its best.

New uPVC double-glazed windows will look fresher and more modern, improve energy efficiency, and include enhanced safety features to protect your home from intruders. They can also reduce the impact of noise.

You can use the opportunity to choose a style that matches your décor, whether it is traditional or contemporary. You can also select a colour that transforms your home thoroughly, such as anthracite grey or black, rather than the conventional white.

3.     Paint or Repair Brickwork

To remove surface grime and debris, you can clean brickwork with detergent and a nylon brush. For a more robust clean, you can use a power washer in a gentler setting, but do not dislodge any loose brickwork.

If your house is painted or rendered, a new coat of paint can brighten your property and change its appearance dramatically. Preparation is key, so clean the surfaces first and use a primer and masonry paint to get a perfect, long-lasting finish.

4.     Replace the Front Door

Your front door is a focal point for visitors, and it can be used to create a lavish, stylish welcome. Changing the door for a new contemporary style with a colour that suits your property can be a considerable improvement.

A new door will add value, so it is a worthwhile investment. A good quality composite door will provide extra security and quickly elevate your home. Choose a design that lets in the required amount of light and one that compliments your house style.

5.     Add Some Plants

Even if you are not particularly green-fingered, adding some greenery or pops of colour is possible by planting suitable plants at the front of your home. Go low maintenance with evergreen foliage, or choose seasonal colours to keep your front garden looking good all year round.

Opt for a couple of planters on either side of your front door for a quick, easy fix.

If you need help improving your home’s kerb appeal, get in touch with us at Colne Valley Windows. We will be happy to discuss options for new windows or a new front door to get you started.

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