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How to look after your composite door

Despite the fact that composite doors are extremely low maintenance, they do require some care and attention from time-to-time. Along with extending their lifespan for many years to come, occasional maintenance will also ensure that composite doors always look the…

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Replace Wooden Windows

When to Replace Your Wooden Windows

Take care of your wooden windows and they should last for decades. In fact, regular cleaning and maintenance can often reset the lifespan of wood, with some homes not needing to replace their windows for 100 years or more. But…

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Conservatories buying guide for 2019

Now that the season of festive cheer and over indulgence is a distant memory, many of us are looking to kick-start the new year with healthier eating, more exercise, and life-affirming resolutions. But seeing as the vast majority of people…

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Top window and door trends for 2019

With the end of 2018 nearly here, many people will be looking forward to starting afresh in the new year. For most, this means making resolutions to eat healthier, get more exercise, or learn something new. But for others, 2019…

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Windows At Winter

Are Your Windows Fit for Winter

Autumn is in full swing now and the temperatures are already noticeably lower. We’re starting to put on more clothes, we’re bringing out the heavier blankets and we’re even eyeing the thermostat, wondering if we should turn it up. This…

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Patio Doors

Do Your Patio Doors Need Updating

Patio doors are an important part of the modern home that can influence everything from the amount of natural lighting throughout the living spaces to the connection between internal and external areas. Despite the significance of this homely feature, it’s…

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