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Our Guide to Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have been one of the most popular upgrades to UK homes over the last few years. A recent article in Houzz suggests they remain popular compared to other types of doors and windows.

Modern kitchen extensions often include a large expanse of bi-fold doors to maximise light and create a stylish feature. They are a great alternative to old-fashioned patio doors and can elevate an existing room with minimal fuss.

In this guide, we will explore the advantages of bi-fold doors and help you make a wise choice for your home.

What are Bi-fold doors?
Bi-fold doors have a unique design that offers practicality and modern aesthetics.

They consist of multiple glass doors that can be folded back concertina style to maximise the opening to the outdoors. The sleek frames offer plenty of light and an optimum view when closed.

Advantages of Bi-fold Doors

There are many advantages of bi-fold doors, which has made them such a popular choice with homeowners and architects over the last few years.

·         Aesthetics

Bi-fold doors made of uPVC or aluminium provide a wall of glass that complements modern design very well.

They are sleek, unobtrusive and have a contemporary appeal.

·         Maximising Light

Bi-fold doors can be fitted in as many panels as required and used across a wide opening. This allows you to create a wall of glass that lets in as much light as possible and keeps your room bright and airy.

They are perfect for north-facing rooms or rooms with no windows.

·         Bringing the Outdoors In

If your room faces your garden, bi-fold doors allow you to create an outdoor entertaining space with a seamless join when the doors are opened.

The unique folding mechanism means that doors will fold back unobtrusively and create a large opening onto your patio or deck area.

·         Practicality

It is not just about looks. Bi-fold doors offer several practical benefits.

You can choose different panel widths depending on the size of your opening. Smaller panels will fold back unobtrusively to avoid getting in the way, but larger panels will let in more light when closed.

You don’t have to open every panel to get outside. You can open a single door to access your outside space or let some air in.

What do I need to know about choosing Bi-fold doors?

  • You can choose uPVC or aluminium frames. uPVC is the most cost-effective and practical low-maintenance choice. Aluminium is the lightest material and offers a very slimline frame.
  • A Rated double glazing offers maximum thermal efficiency.
  • You can choose from many different colour frames. The most popular choices for a contemporary aesthetic are black and anthracite grey.
  • You can choose the size of the panels that work with your opening. Smaller panels will be more discreet when folded back.
  • The quality of fitting is crucial to the finish. Bi-folds rely on a mechanism that glides smoothly, and poor fitting will lead to problems.
  • You will need a structural survey to assess the suitability of your opening, and you should use an experienced builder to create an opening of the proper proportions.

If you would like to know more about our bi-fold door selection, please get in touch with us at Colne Valley Windows to discuss your needs.

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