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Christmas Decorations for Doors and Windows

Christmas Decorations

Remember when you simply decorated a tree or hung some paper chains for Christmas? Nowadays, more and more of us are looking for innovative ways to decorate our homes during the festive season.

As the days shorten and we spend more time in the dark, it is natural to want to bring some colour and light to our houses. In fact, since this year has been a hard one, we all need some extra festive cheer.

In this guide, we will give you some ideas to decorate your doors and windows for Christmas.

Our Top Ideas for Decorating your Doors and Windows for Christmas

Christmas Wreaths for Doors and Windows

Hanging a wreath on your front door is a longstanding tradition at Christmas. But have you thought about adding matching wreaths to hang in your front windows?

You can choose wreaths to hang either inside or outside your windows, as they will be seen on both sides. Choosing smaller wreaths is best, so you don’t block out all the light.

You can opt for artificial wreaths that you can use every year or grab some kits and make your own using natural materials such as holly, eucalyptus leaves, pine cones and berries. Choose ribbons that match your colour scheme for a classy addition to your Christmas décor.

Light Up your Windows and Doors

Nothing makes your home more cosy and welcoming than the addition of twinkling lights.

Whether you choose hanging star lights, strings of fairy lights or lanterns, you can frame your windows and front door or cover the glass to be seen inside and outside.

You can buy handy suction hooks to make hanging lights on your window panes simpler.

Go multi-coloured, warm white or bright white, depending on the look you want to achieve. Modern LEDs are low voltage and will not add too much to your electricity bill, or you can buy battery-operated lights for awkward windows.

Did you know that in Iceland, people leave the Christmas fairy lights up until the end of February to ward away the winter blues?

Decorate Your Windowsills

Your windowsills are the perfect place to display your favourite Christmas ornaments.

You can choose a single ornament for dramatic simplicity, such as a wooden candelabra or a nativity scene.

Alternatively, you can group together angels, snowmen or snowglobes together. For the best results, choose groups of odd numbers like three or five and stick to a theme of traditional or contemporary.

Christmas Plants and Flowers

You can place a vase of seasonal flowers on your windowsill for a more natural look. Create a unique arrangement by adding sprigs of eucalyptus leaves, holly and mistletoe.

For a longer-lasting display, choose a planted arrangement. It’s worth noting that poinsettia, a popular Christmas plant, does not cope with draughts or changes in temperature, so that may be better placed away from windows.

Have you discovered that your windows or doors are not looking their best? Do not hesitate to contact us at Colne Valley Windows for a quote for replacements.

Our offices will be closed for the festive season from Wednesday 20th December 2023 to Tuesday 2nd January 2024. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.